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What if....

Hello beautiful!

What if for just one day you treated yourself like a queen?  Like you really mattered. Because you know you do.  Don’t you?   

What if there was no name calling, no self deprecation, no “does my butt look big in this"?  What if every time you looked in the mirror you said, “Hello beautiful!  Hello gorgeous! or Hello sexy!” 

"I feel like every woman is a queen, and we should be treated as such, and we should, you know, sort of request that treatment from others." - Queen Latifah

What if today was the day you looked past your self perceived outward flaws and noticed what is incredibly special about YOU?  The real you.  You know... your soul.  

How would it feel?  What would you discover or rediscover about yourself?  Put on your crown and see.

Treating yourself like a queen is sexy. 

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