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How are you handling the pause?

life mindset Apr 26, 2020

That's what is happening right now.  The whole world is on pause.

Even though the world is upside down right now, we can still feel happy.  Some days, it's not as easy as others.  I get that.  But it is ok to be positive when there is so much negativity in the world.

Circumstances create out thoughts.  Our thoughts create out feelings.

"Choose your thoughts carefully.  Keep what brings you peace.  Release what brings you suffering.  And know that happiness is just a thought away." - Nishan Panwar

I believe we get to choose our thoughts.  We get to choose what meaning circumstances have for us.  And that means we get to choose what this great pause means for each of us in our own lives.

Is there a silver lining in all of this?  Sure there is.  You just have to look for it.

For me, some of the benefits include spending more time with my husband, reevaluating our goals, reconnecting and doing a better job of communicating our needs and wants.

What are your silver linings?

Silver linings are sexy.

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