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Hey there, sexy!

Whether you just want to spice things up in the bedroom, you need a complete body confidence/mindset overhaul or you just want get your "sexy" back for yourself— you’re in the right place.

And, since you’re here right now, something tells me that you want more.

More confidence.
More connection.
More passion.
More romance.
More intimacy and, yep, more spice, too!

No matter where you are in your life journey, you want to get your sexy back.

But maybe you…

• Have no clue where to start.
• Need help with figuring it all out.
• Feel like you lost your confidence.

I’m here to help you….get your "sexy" back….now.

And, I know you are ready!


What I believe

I'm Adrienne.  I am super passionate about teaching women how to get their "sexy" back!  I’m a lover of all people and most importantly a supporter of women.  I believe that every woman is uniquely beautiful.

YOU are uniquely beautiful.

I believe that sexy is an attitude and a frame of mind.

I believe that sexy should be defined by each of us and not by the media, reality shows or the pages of a magazine.  I believe that you deserve to be confident and happy.

I'm here to inspire, educate and empower you while sprinkling in a little laughter and lightheartedness.

Let's change the conversation about women's sexuality.  I believe that every woman deserves an amazing sex life and that's our birthright.

When you change the lens through which you see yourself, you feel confident and your unique beauty shines through.

You can do anything you set your mind to do.  And when you do, everything is amazing.

How this became my life

Well, in 2005, I decided to open a lingerie boutique. I wanted to, not only, change the way woman purchased lingerie but also help change the conversation about how women viewed their own sensuality and sexuality.

That is – sex is an amazing, wonderful part of the human experience and should be enjoyable for women as well as men.  And, there is no shame in that.

Running my beautiful award winning and internationally recognized boutique was an amazing adventure.  I learned that many women needed much more than a bra to help them feel better about themselves.

And, that the topic of sex (even amongst women who bore children) was something that many women were ashamed of or embarrassed to talk about.

So, I started teaching classes I called, “How to Get Your Sexy Back Now: Easy Things Every Woman Should Know” first in my own boutique. And, they were a hit!

Then, I was asked to teach my sexy little class at other boutiques, bachelorette parties, milestone birthday parties, book clubs and customer appreciation events.

While the class was originally designed for women in long term relationships, I learned that the information I teach resonated with women from 18-80. Women are thirsty for this information.  And, since you’re here, I bet you are, too!

While I’m an amazing bra fitter and lingerie stylist.  I decided to hang up my measuring tape to speak, coach and create my signature online course.

On a personal note

Here are some things I love and a few random facts about me:

I love

  • cats.  Sorry dog lovers.  Cats rule.
  • music.  ALL kinds of music. But, I’m a terrible singer so I only sing when I’m alone.
  • to dance and have been known to dance in the rain.
  • long, soothing hot baths with lavender and epsom salt.
  • to be anywhere near, in, on or around water.
  • hanging out with my friends.  And, I love to express myself.  I talk a lot and love to tell stories.
  • to read.

And, I love, love, love to laugh.  People tell me I smile a lot.  I believe everyone deserves to be greeted with a smile.

I really love to connect with people.  I find people so interesting and I’ve never met a stranger.

I’d choose gummy bears over chocolate any day of the week.

My two most favorite places on the planet are Switzerland and Aruba.

I can outride most guys on a snowmobile and I used to ride my own Harley.  But I’m still a girly girl.  (Sort of.)  I have my own Tiara (or two) and I’ve been called a Diva once or twice (maybe more but whose counting, right?)

I’m a lingerie addict.  99 pairs of panties and 32 bras and more than enough sleepwear to wear a clean nightie every night.

I cry when I feel great joy which is super embarrassing!

I was adopted.  My parents named me Adrienne.  My birthmother named me Clarisse

An invitation

Through online courses, free webinars, speaking and more, I help women, like you, feel more confident and sexy.

If you’re interested, I like to write about love, life and lingerie.

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Thank you!  I’m thrilled you’re here!


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