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What do you focus on?

Last week I told you about my informal poll and the curves on a woman’s body.

I was going to tell you what my favorite curve was and a funny thing happened.

I started thinking.  Hmmm….I have nice calves.  Then, I looked down at my feet and thought, oooh I really like the curve in the arch of my foot.  (Yes, I know that sounds weird but I really do like my feet.)  I was going to pick one of those and then I thought about my biceps and how they are really starting to shape up.

And then more thoughts…what about my shoulders… my smile…. my neck…

“Energy flows where your attention goes.  Just as the flower opens up to the light, your soul opens up to self love. -Lao Tzu

Here’s where it gets interesting, when I was focusing on what I liked about my body, I kept seeing more and more of what I liked.

It made me think of that saying, “Energy flows where your attention goes.”

And, it’s so true.  You get more of whatever you focus on.

If you haven’t done so already here’s something I invite you to try:

Spend about 5 minutes or so and think about what you love about your body.

Was it hard or easy for you?  Did you notice things you hadn’t thought of before?

I’d love to know.

Loving your curves is sexy.

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