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Is your phone coming in between your relationships?

life love relationships Jun 14, 2019
Are you addicted to your phone?  Does it go every where with you... to bed, to the bathroom and into meetings?
Are you someone who is constantly looking at it even when you’re with other people?

While we are incredibly connected in the digital world, humans are starving for connection.

This is a problem.

Relationships are an important part of the human experience.  Healthy relationships can be so rewarding.  However, they do take work.
Unfortunately, there is no app that will help someone learn the skills necessary to develop relationships.
When you go into a meeting, are with a friend or loved one and you put your phone on the table it sends a message. 

"Technology is killing some relationships because some people give their phone more attention than their partner." - Author Unknown

I’ve been on both sides of this.  I have to tell you, it doesn’t feel good when someone does it to me.  Because of this, I try really hard not to do it to anyone else.  However, I’m human and I’ve been “called out” on this behavior more than once.
I’m embarrassed to admit this but when my husband finds me “glued” to my phone in his presence, he’ll say, “I’m right here.”  Ouch.  Our time is so limited to begin with, I hate the thought of me being indifferent to his presence.  I’m grateful that he values our relationship enough to say something.
How about you?  Are you on the doing or the receiving end of this?  How does it make you feel?
All we can do is try, be aware and do our best.
Being present for other humans is sexy.

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