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Have you ever been joy starved?

life mindset Jun 02, 2018

Joy is a necessity. 

Sometimes we find ourselves devoid of joy.  Whether it’s because we’re punishing ourselves, we’re in a stressful life situation or we just get so busy we forget to take time out for ourselves for the things that truly bring us joy. 

Personally, I didn’t realize how joy-starved I was until I started to experience joy again. 

A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, Florida and see the Chihuly Collection.  Chihuly is my favorite artist.  I just adore his work and the collection was just breathtaking.  I soaked up the beauty as long as I could and it just filled my soul.  (In fact, my handsome husband had to run out and put more money in the parking meter so I could linger a bit longer.) 

On that same trip to Florida, we enjoyed a boat ride and had the pleasure of watching dolphins jumping and playing in the waves.  I can’t even explain how joyful that was for me.  Being on the water and watching those incredible creatures really made my heart sing. 

So I got to thinking about how I could incorporate more joy into my everyday life. 

We deserve to feel joy–it’s our spiritual calling.” -Wayne Dyer

I learned that I needed to:

  • give myself permission to have moments of joy in my day even if my mile high “to do” list was not yet complete;
  • identify the little things that bring me joy (I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed music, dance breaks, chatting with friends, reading, coloring and even watering my flowers.);
  • purposely incorporate joy into my day.

How about you?  What makes your heart sing?  How can you add more of that into your life? 

I’d love to know. 

Joy is sexy.

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